Why would I start?

Ever since I was a child, I have always been interested in the financial markets, investing, saving, and learning about companies. I wanted to study finance and hopefully start some hedge fund because that is what seemed cool and to be honest, they made a lot of money.

The reality hit me post college with a great degree in finance, yet I could not get any job. I had lots of internships, yet no job. I kept having to expand my prospects and finally landed a job many months later. It was during this job, when I had the realization that I was in debt with $30,000 in student loans and felt I was making zero traction. I was fired up and wanted to tackle this debt, but I knew it would take time and a focused plan.

I knew two things:

1.) I needed to increase my salary

2.) I needed to get rid of this debt

Most important, I needed a game plan.

A few months after the first job, I transitioned to a larger company in wealth management. My salary increased and I kept putting everything I earned onto this debt. I learned about budgets, investing and personal finance which I began creating for myself and family. I also began using app’s like EveryDollar and Mint!

With my focus and determination, I paid off all my undergraduate student loans!

Now what?

I knew that I wanted to be a blessing to others. I kept having friends and family ask me questions like “am I doing enough for retirement?” and “where can I put my money besides a savings account?”. It was questions like these from friends and family when I realized I could be a blessing to others now, through my financial knowledge and acumen. I decided to create a finance blog and take my years of experience and simplify finance and investing for everyone. I think the industry makes it seem harder than it is in reality.

With Covid-19 surrounding the world in 2020 and savings rates dwindling, I want to help YOU, so can live stress free from finances. It is my goal to help others in their financial journey, so that they too can experience the fullness of financial freedom and hopefully an early retirement!

About me:

Zach Salisbury is currently a financial analyst in the Seattle area. He has an undergraduate degree in finance and is currently studying for his master’s degree in finance. He loves investing, finance and hopes this blog makes a positive difference in your financial future.

Your financial future is up to you and only you. What are you going to do about yours?

Until next time!